2017 Themed Programs

Date Program  
Sep 14 - 17 How to Receive the Most From the Energization Exercises, and the Hong-Sau and Aum Techniques Add To Calendar
How to Receive the Most From the Energization Exercises, and the Hong-Sau and Aum Techniques

...meditation is a dying to the world without dying.
- Paramahansa Yogananda

Step out of those accustomed ruts and begin practicing meditation, as if for the first time.

Over the four days, we will examine Guruji’s techniques and how to apply them with focused devotion. As we immerse ourselves in the experience of meditation, we will also bring a new awareness to every other part of our lives.

Guruji promises each one of us: ...every human being has the potential to become Christlike in one life by proper meditation, because all are already sons of God, made in His image. - Paramahansa Yogananda

Oct 27 - Nov 03 Deepening Your Practice of Kriya Yoga Add To Calendar
Deepening Your Practice of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Week provides an immersive experience that is nothing less than transformational. Kriyabans have travelled from North and Latin America, Australia and Europe for the sole purpose of attending this program. Letting go of the world and plunging deep into Spirit, the results are best described by the devotees themselves: It was mesmerizing, blissful; it has created such a deep imprint in my heart that I can still close my eyes and re-live the joy, devotion, love and Guruji's divine presence! Thank you is a very small phrase to express my deep gratitude…I feel that all Kriya yogis should attend this invaluable program to deepen their understanding and practice of Kriya and to take their sadhana to a higher level. I have spoken about it to my friends and they are looking forward to attending future Kriya Weeks. For the first time since I became a Kriyaban in ’84 do I feel I have a chance to do Kriya correctly, as I have struggled for many years…. The focus on Kriya, multiple reviews, tips, questions and answers, group practice and multiple opportunities to have Kriyas checked was superb and what I needed. Kriya Week was nothing close to what I envisioned. It was simply phenomenal. The week took me right out of my comfort zone. The vibration of Hidden Valley, the support of the monks in creating more clarity in my techniques and Kriyas allowed my relationship with Guruji to blossom. Thank you for a great week! Participants are welcome to remain through the following weekend. Please note: Participants are asked to turn their in cell phones upon arrival. Disconnecting from the outer world gives us the freedom to make that deeper connection within.