For more than 30 years, Hidden Valley Ashram has welcomed our Guru’s disciples to this oasis of spiritual renewal. Hidden Valley is sustained by your donations, which defray the costs of meals, lodging, utilities, maintenance, orchards, gardens and improvements.

Please take to heart that Hidden Valley is open to all, regardless of one’s ability to contribute financially. We are able to extend Guruji’s hospitality to all sincere seekers because of your generous donations.

Your prayers, generosity and loyal support, along with Guruji’s blessing, nurture and grow everything at Hidden Valley.

Thank you for your help!

Your Donations Make a Difference

We deeply appreciate and welcome your support of the Hidden Valley Ashram. Your gift enables us to fund the vital services and activities that we offer to our members and larger community, and to maintain our sacred facilities.

Please choose from the following two funds where you would most like to have impact today:
General Operating Fund: Your gift will help us to meet the day-to-day and highest priority general operating needs of the Hidden Valley Ashram. Please click here to make your gift now:
General Fund

Building Fund: Your gift will help support the care of our Hidden Valley Ashram property, including costs associated with acquiring and maintaining the facilities, grounds, equipment, furniture, and vehicles, and those associated with related capital campaigns. Please click here to make your gift now:
Building Fund Donation

There are two additional ways to make a donation to our Hidden Valley Ashram

Thank you for your generous support of Hidden Valley.

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