“This is a great place! A rare jewel! I can only come once a year, but my few days here have become a highlight each year to re-energize my spiritual practice and to relax from the stress of the world.”

“My visit has been a turning point in my spiritual life”

“During my times at Hidden Valley, I felt the tremendous benefits of spiritual family, both while at Hidden Valley, and after returning home.”

“The value of being part of a spiritual community can really only be known after having experienced it firsthand. Deep bonds are formed between all those involved: meditating and serving together in a beautiful and harmonious environment such as Hidden Valley strengthens everyone and creates a support system unmatched by any other.”

“The friendships I formed while staying at Hidden Valley are incomparable to any I found elsewhere. No introductions were even necessary – from the moment I arrived, I was surrounded by souls ‘once more friends to be’.”

I can read Master’s How-To-Live teachings and get some understanding; but going to Hidden Valley I see, feel, and am lovingly supported in how to live.”

“An excellent program – I loved it.”

“The monks in the kirtan group were very inspirational and generous in sharing their expertise in and joy of chanting.”

“The enthusiasm was marvelous. Never saw such energy.”

“I’m new to SRF — joined only a few months ago. It was a very intense experience for me. I will definitely be back from NJ.”

“Here, I had the invaluable opportunity to experience a Self-Realization Fellowship monks’ community environment. This personal investment of time proved instrumental in my own final decision between becoming a householder or monastic disciple.”

“Hidden Valley provided me with the basic understanding of what a monk’s life would be like. Getting to live and work with the monks, following the ashram routine, and experiencing what it is like to live in a spiritual community helped prepare me for becoming a monk myself. I’m very thankful for Hidden Valley because it was there that I really was able to test out, clarify, and move forward with my desire to become a monk.”

“I found at Hidden Valley a true spiritual home and an opportunity to focus all my energy toward what my heart was seeking, a simple but profound life dedicated to God through meditation and, serviceful activities. Becoming a monk was then as natural as it can be.”