Such a very long list of things to be grateful for about this blessed place called Hidden Valley!  Thank you all!



Hidden Valley is my India in the West.  Beautiful souls and a higher age environment.  Thank you so very much!



Thank you all for the invaluable service you provide.  It is impossible to articulate how helpful you are to your fellow devotees!



The food was out of this world.  Best ever!!!



On the first night and the first couple of days, I could barely focus.  My mind was still reeling in a million directions.  Now, effortless interiorization is a fact for every meditation.



It’s like a spiritual golf course for getting a hole in one!



This has been a Heavenly Valley week soul retreat.



I feel so uplifted and connected to Master while I am at Hidden Valley. The longer period of time here has made all the difference. Everything is so well thought out and I truly appreciated the attention, sincerity, friendliness, love and friendship all the monastics and staff/residents give every time I am on retreat. My consciousness is changed.
Hidden Valley has become for me a sanctuary, where I can greet my brother guru-bhais in friendship and practice the best of my Yogananda’s teachings. I experience a fellowship that revitalizes my spiritual life and keeps me energized on my journey to liberation in God.
A place to establish your spiritual routine, refocus on your meditation practice, and learn how to balance a work life and inner life. It is like heaven on earth. Great food, fun activities, and daily group meditation. I make it out as often as possible. I’m finally becoming the man I’ve always wanted to be.
I remember my first group meditation ever, it was here, and I was blessed to experience God’s presence for the first time in my life in that meditation. I enjoyed the peace and the quiet, and the beautiful nature. Blessings.